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Supply and support

When you place your order, we will proceed as quickly as possible to order all the necessary products. When these arrive, a date is agreed with our accountmanager for the delivery of the fixtures. During the installation and realization of the project our accountmanagers remain closely involved to ensure that the lighting can be put into operation without any problems. 

Once the installation of the fixtures and any home automation system is complete, we will be happy to hear whether everything is to your satisfaction. Wireless control is explained by us, directional spotlights can be aligned by us in consultation. In this way we ensure that our lighting plan also produces the perfect lighting in reality. After purchase we remain your partner in the field of lighting. As a supplier, we naturally guarantee the correct operation of our fixtures. If a complication arises, we will look for a solution together.

Why support?

Project-based approach

From idea to installation, our lighting designers and accountmanagers are involved in the entire process to ensure everything runs smoothly

Own transport service

In direct consultation with you, we ensure that the products are delivered at the right time and place

Technical support

Due to the knowledge and experience of our employees, we understand the technical requirements involved in a project. Together with the installer and end users, we discuss the content of the installation and implementation of the project.

We will not leave until you are satisfied!

Together we work towards a wonderful result

Questions about your order or delivery? Ask Pascal

Pascal - Backoffice