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AFAS Experience Center


AFAS Software


The new headquarters of AFAS Software have been delivered in early 2021. Besides an office building, the AFAS Experience Center also consists of a large restaurant, full theater, various outbuildings (including studios and a sports hall) and a parking garage. A large construction project for which Dutch Light started drawing back in 2017. For all these building parts and the surrounding garden we made a lighting design and were allowed to supply the lighting. In the dozens of work meetings we experienced a pleasant cooperation with architect, builder Dura Vermeer, installer Homij, interior designer Claessens Erdmann and of course client AFAS until well into 2021. Together we took up every challenge to be able to realize the optimal solution time after time. We are very proud of the creative, high quality and dynamic lighting that we were able to propose and deliver. The promotional video that Dutch Light made at the end of 2021 is entirely included in this project. 

Check out the video below.


Bega, DGA, Flos, iGuzzini, Intra Lighting, 181, Kreon, Prolicht, e.a.

"We really don't know anything about lighting, so it's great that in a club like Dutch Light we have found professionals who understand this business like no one else. From a complex lighting design to the details of a single fixture and the method of assembly.

We are very proud of the complete lighting that gives a lot of amazement and enchantment everywhere.

We would like to thank everyone involved at Dutch Light for this."

Ton van der Veldt - Founder AFAS Software