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When decorating a space, light is going to play an increasingly important role. Precisely because you recognize this and consider it important, you want to take this subject seriously. We support you in both creative and technical areas. Lighting technology is a profession - and we are good at it. New developments in the field of lighting not only bring more possibilities - sometimes they also present some extra challenges. In the end, there is always a solution!

We can also help you with questions concerning sustainability, standards and protocols. We have experience in very diverse assignments, from light calculations in public spaces to extensive lighting advice in BREEAM projects. Do you want to prevent light pollution? Does your specification require flicker-free lighting? Is the lumen/watt ratio a priority? We recognize the question and can advise you and prescribe the right luminaires. 

Even if your lighting questions are less 'measurable', we have the knowledge. We know more than 200 architectural and decorative lighting brands, and keep up to date with all new products. So we can often suggest beautiful fixtures just as you envision them. Are you shocked by a competitor's quote? We work for all budgets and can often suggest similar fixtures with a slightly smaller price tag.

Professional lighting advice is also of added value in your home. We make sure that the different rooms get the perfect lighting, creating a good balance between functional lighting and mood lighting. Light is often seen as a complicated issue, Dutch Light takes care of it and gives custom advice.

Don't have any specific questions yet, but would like to go through the entire lighting plan? Our designers will create a customized lighting plan. See also our page "Lighting Design.

Why consultation?

Avoid technical problems during implementation.

We know the products, but we also know what it takes to make them work.

Maximize the experience of your space.

Our lighting designers ensure an optimal light display by choosing the right colors and fixtures.

Save costs.

By using the right fixtures and techniques, you can sometimes save a lot of money in installation or on energy bills.

100% tailor-made

A lighting plan that suits your needs and is not dependent on brand interests or own stock.


Through our collaborations with architects and manufacturers we are always aware of the latest trends and developments.

Want to know how we handle your project? Ask Jan Willem!

Jan Willem - Project Management
Jan Willem