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Scotch & Soda


Scotch & Soda


Dutch Light designs all lighting plans for Scotch & Soda since late 2013 and delivers the lighting and accessories for this hip Dutch clothing brand worldwide. The interior partner makes a store concept, we make the corresponding lighting concept. It is important that Scotch & Soda's stores around the world radiate the same quality.

At the start there was the characteristic halogen spotlight with barndoors, of which we developed an LED variant ourselves that consumes far less energy, produces far less heat and has a long life. The decorative fixtures above the checkout tables were also developed by Dutch Light, especially for Scotch & Soda. In 2019, a new store concept was developed in which we prescribed less conspicuous spotlights. Besides even more efficient energy use, these spotlights have a much better color rendering, which is of course very important in a fashion store!