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Misura Sartoria


Misura Sartoria is a high-end menswear clothing shop. Since the renovation and expansion, Misura combines fashion with a culinary treat; in the centre of the shop is the 'trattoria' with coffee bar and in-house kitchen. In addition, of course, tailor-made suits, wedding suits and casual fashion continue to dominate this fashion shop.

In fashion, good lighting is of paramount importance. Sufficient light and good colour rendering are a must. Even the atelier in the shop, where live tailoring is assembled and adjusted, must be well lit and shadow-free. Delta Light's Shiftline system and Superloop rings provide the flexibility to combine general light and accent light where needed. Moreover, the beautiful bronze colour fits perfectly into the new interior. The long lines also include indirect lighting to create an even more spacious atmosphere and to illuminate the shop evenly and without shadows.


Delta Light, Prolicht