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Together with the interior designer, we complemented this bold and stylish interior design with our lighting in such a way as to enhance the overall look of the space. The aim was to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. 

The striking luminaires add a touch of boldness and elegance and perfectly complement the materials and colours used. Other products are more subdued. It shows well what thoughtful lighting design can add to an interior.

It is essential to discuss early on how the results will be. In this way the outcome is a logical consequence of the considerations. And that is exactly what we achieved for our client in his new and luxurious 'mancave'.


South Netherlands
Elke Straatman
Kreon, Modular, Nimbus, Quasar, Jacco Maris, Oluce, Tom Dixon
photo credits: The Art of Living Magazine - Jurrit van der Waal