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Heineken Experience




As lighting designers, we supported the architect in the renovation of the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam. The transformation that took place in 2022 is impressive. Walls have been removed and spaces are differently connected. Visitors can pass underneath and even through the old brewing kettles, towards the courtyard. From here you can prepare for your tour or head straight to the newly revamped Heineken brand store.

The ground floor of the historic brewery feels spacious and fresh. It shows the old details like the brewing kettles, the concrete floors and tiled walls. This immediately creates a museum-like experience, fitting for a world-renowned beer brand with so much history.

One of the challenges of the lighting design was to incorporate the fixtures that create the extra sparkle and ambience. For instance, spotlights have been discreetly embedded in some of the brewing kettles' legs, while internal projectors illuminate the cut-open kettle all the way to the top. The spots in the bottle ceiling have also been designed to match the green bottles' color and size, seamlessly blending in with the rest of the space.

In the new bar on the former malt floor, daylight simulation has been incorporated, shining down from above the old scales. In the seating areas, the jute wall covering stands out thanks to the cleverly applied grazing light. All in all, the lighting design is an integral part of the new Heineken Experience, creating a stunning and immersive atmosphere that showcases the brewery's history and traditions.


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