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Garden Lighting




A spacious garden is an extended part of our living comfort. At night, functional and decorative lighting provides atmospheric connections between the outdoor space and the interior. 

Just like indoors, the starting point is to provide lighting for the larger objects and areas. Then we add accent lighting to bring life and dynamic to the visual experience. We start with necessary lighting for walkways and large objects. We try to keep light levels low to avoid large contrasts. When our eye gets accomodated to a well-lit area, the shadows next to it appear extra dark. Subtlety is therefore very important, also to minimise the proportion of vertical 'light pollution'.

In places in the garden that are visual from inside, decorative lighting is a nice addition. Sometimes the luminaire is visible, often incorporated in stone or steel. The light adds depth and gives a full experience of the garden. Even if not every inch of the lawn is illuminated. So you can enjoy your beautiful garden even on a winter's evening!


Groene Hart area
Platek, DGA, Flos, TAL