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The starting point for this office lighting was the working space with different functions. At Fieldwork, working means more than just sitting at a desk. Consultation, brainstorming, focus tasks, everything is possible in this office design from the project architect. We received a clear layout in advance, presented to us through beautiful rendering images. That allowed us to match our lighting with the functionality and aesthetic design of the space.

The workplace zones are functional and sturdy, whereas the meeting rooms exude a more homely atmosphere. In the centre, across the axis of the room, a 3-phase track with a variation on the buildings downlights. Near the 'train seats' soft rounded spotlights with a deep light source. At the seating area we added additional ambience in the form of a cluster of pendant lights.

In this way, each component has its own signature, fitting into the whole design. As the clients say: a lovely place to work. 

UPDATE: The last four pictures are from a second branch in 's Hertogenbosch. Together with the architect, we will created the same look and feel here, based on the client's wishes.


Studio Gers
Lightnet, Vibia, Think paper, Deltalight, Serien, Wästberg