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Dordrecht Mansion




Our lighting design for this 18th century mansion with classical ceilings was a real challenge at the product level.

The high ceilings feature beautifully restored rosettes and exuberant cornices. With such original ceilings, you want to keep the ceiling as intact as possible and not disturb it with recessed lighting. Fortunately, modern spotlights are becoming smaller and smaller, without compromising the quality of light. With these refined luminaires from Flos and Delta Light, we were able to connect seamlessly to the trim and the rosette. 

At other locations in the house, the minimalist spotlights and light lines form a stylish contrast to the surroundings. The two small light lines you see above the stairs are wallwashers that crosswise illuminate the opposite walls. Together with the spotlight that accentuates the steps, this creates a complete lighting image while still providing a nice focus on the staircase.


Harmen Witte
Flos, Delta Light, Kreon