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The new face of Dutch Light

In 2021, we celebrate the tenth anniversary of our company. For over 10 years, we have been bringing light into the lives and spaces of our customers. We do this with great pleasure and practically always to great satisfaction. This anniversary has lead to a process of eflecting on our work. What are we good at, what do we love to do most, and where do we ultimately want to be with Dutch Light? The answers to these questions translated into a new spirit; a new Dutch Light that is ready for the future.

Reason enough to also restyle our image. The tulip remains – that’s here to stay. But our name and logo have been renewed. Shorter, more powerful, more personal. According to us, this 'signature' is a good reflection of our passion and personal approach in all our lighting projects.

With such a great new look, we want to go out and show ourselves. That’s why we produced this creative promotional film in our project AFAS Experience Center in Leusden in November 2021. Our lighting designer Arie is starring in the role of his life!

Early 2022 a new website will go live to complete the transformation.