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Delta Light Entero: a complete range of recessed spotlights

Delta Light presents a new series lighting tools named 'Entero'. This family of recessed spotlights offers the right solution for a variety of applications. By using the same form factor in different lighting situations, you create unity throughout the project.

Every Entero product features a housing, a LED unit and optics. Within the frames you have a vast choice of different shapes, sizes, colors and trims. You can also choose for IP20, IP44 or IP65.

The LED unit comes in three different power specs, different light colors and with options for Soft-dim and Tunable White.

The optics vary between 6° super spot and 45° flood beam, and next to this there even is a wallwash reflector available.

Adding to this versatility is the offering of optical accessories with the Entero, like the honeycomb filter, several spread lenses and a soft filter to control the light beams even more.

Curious about the new Deltalight Entero? Check the Delta Light website. If you need some help in selecting this recessed spotlight? Please contact us through our contact page.