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Light as an eyecatcher

Lighting comes in all shapes and sizes, with and without color, from simple recessed spotlights to impressive fixtures. We want to talk about the latter, because what makes a luminaire a real eye-catcher?

An eye-catcher is special, often large in size and immediately noticeable when it falls within the field of vision. Think of an imposing structure when you drive into a city, the showpiece of a museum or unique interior architecture in a building. An impressive lighting installation can also be an eye-catcher. Light guides the eye and attracts attention. Combine this with a good fixture design and you have an eye-catcher that stands out immediately.

Why is an eye-catcher good for business?

For a company, an eye-catcher serves more than just a decorative purpose; it is also good for business. Because an eye-catcher is the first thing people look at, it also sets the mood of the room and is therefore an extension of the company's business card. It leaves an impression on anyone who comes there and the company will be better remembered because of it. Also, an eye-catcher is talkative. Guests can be told about the lighting installation as they enter. These in turn can pass this on within their network, which is good for customer loyalty and lead generation.

The digital advantages of an eye-catcher

Besides physical advantages an eyecatcher also improves the digital image of a company. Simply stated; It expands the visibility and recognisability of a company. An eyecatcher is ideal to use as centrepiece for the corporate website and social media, which leaves a positive impression on people and promotes the organisation. In this way, an eyecatcher functions as an online billboard and marketinginstrument for the company.


An eyecatcher promotes business in multiple ways and light is an excellent tool for this as it immediately draws attention.

Curious about whether an eyecatcher would be a strong addition to your organisation and in which manner light could facilitate and enhance this? Please contact us through e-mail at or call us at +31 (0)180 - 745 833.